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November 1, 2010

No More Koons in Politics … Please!

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While Jimmy McMillan’s 15 minutes of fame were mildly amusing (McMillan is the is the “candidate” for New York governor who represents the “Rent Is Too Damn High” Party) and complete with a talking doll manufactured in record time, enough is enough.

Stop the tomfoolery. Enough with the crap. No one believes McMillan is a serious candidate for anything and we should not give him any more air time. And tell me, does anyone – anyone – seriously believe that Alvin Greene, the Democratic challenger to Jim DeMint in South Carolina, has any chance whatsoever of taking that seat on this Tuesday’s midterm elections? Greene is so bad that he has become a punchline for both the Fox News Channel and Bill Maher. When will we see that happen again?

No one denies that these jokers have a right to run for public office. That’s part of what makes America great. But a line has to be drawn somewhere. We all know the difference between a serious candidate – a serious leader – and a joke.

Whether you agree with Barack Obama’s policies or not, he is a person of color with a legitimate agenda who must be taken seriously – and should be respected as the President of the United States. He is no Stepin Fetchit. If you can’t respect the man, at least respect the title and office. But yet, he is often lampooned – overtly and subconsciously – by so-called “legit” sites and news folks who worship certain clowns in politics only because they share ideologies. (You can infer whatever you want and make your own guesses about who these clowns are.) And sometimes Obama hasn’t helped his own cause by behaving like a clown himself.


And although the term “koon” is a distinctly African-American slur, there are some other non-black koons out there who are better off forgotten after Tuesday’s midterms.

Carl Paladino: A knuckledragging, hypocritical, homophobic thug
Frank Caprio: This R.I. gubernatorial candidate told Obama that he take his endorsement and “shove it” (NOTE: Obama never even gave Caprio his endorsement) and then backed off six days later, expressing regret. Hey Frank, how about you shove it, loser. Caprio – a loser yesterday, a loser today, a loser after Tuesday.
Kristin Davis: Former “Manhattan Madam” who appeared on the same stage as McMillan. Same deal – 15 minutes of fame was mildly amusing but let’s stop.
Harry Reid and Sharron Angle: Unemployed Nevadans are in a no-win situation with two, no matter what happens Tuesday

There are many other koons out there, but we have to end this somewhere. Remember this when you go out to vote on Tuesday: Our leaders should be better than us. They should represent the very best of us. No more koons – the stakes are too damn high! And that’s The Dirty Truth.


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